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Oh. Em. Haiiiiiii. Ehehe
Tuesday, 2 July 2013 | 0 comment(s)

Pretty much me in the morning -,-

Haloooo. I'm sick laaa.. Mintak cuti hari ni. *sniffsniff* Lame gile dah kot tak update blog. Hehe. Malas leeee. Aku tak tau nak tulis mende benornye. Just type away. Result exam teruk gile -,- 4A, 2B, 4C. 1 paper lagi dok tahu. Wooooiiiii, awat ngan result gua nih. Kecewa guh tengok..

Movies I'm dying to see this year are Despicable Me 2, Monsters' University, Catching Fire !
Ya know, I've been seeing this poster

at Harry Potter fan pages across Facebook. Think it'll be awesome if they really made it ! I need HP ! And I'll bet Katie McGrath fits the character Rowena Ravenclaw. I don't know, I just think she can portray Rowena well. She's got that dark vibe ya know ? ^^ And maybe a love line somewhere ? :P Bhaha. How the four founders build Hogwarts. And Salazar's secret. How he built the chamber of secrets etc.

Yesterday I did my English oral, nervous kot. But not long after I began talking, I started to go with the flow. Think I talked a little bit too much >< Speaking about talking, I love to talk. Sometimes I talked until my throat hurts. I'm just that talkative.

Kbye :P Nak tido, letih.

Ps : Writing this while listening to The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

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