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The End...
Thursday, 27 December 2012 | 0 comment(s)

Yoooo !!!! How's it goin' ? 4 hari lagi dh mule sklh. Ughh =.= Nk cuti agi..tapi excited gk nk gi sklh. Pelik2 je aku ^^
Oit, daftar sklh bile ea ? Ke tahun 2013 tak yh daftar dh ? Masuk gitu je sklh. Muahaha. Aku brape kali dh lalu dpan sklh takut2 ade gantung banner pendaftaran bile. Tetapi TIADA, MENGAPA itu harus terjadi ? MENGAPAAAAAA !!! KATAKAN KEPADAKU.. PULANGKAN ! PULANGKAN ! *segala kepelikan harap dimaafkan :)*

Today's post title is "The End". Why does it must be so eh ?
It's preeeetty obvious right ? If you don't get it...then, I don't know what to say dude -,-
It's nearing the end of :
a. The year 2012
b. Tido memanjang
c. Main2 memanjang
d. Surf internet memanjang
e. Etc.

And lastly...it's the end of MERLIN... Oh my god, I bawled my eyes out when watching the finale for Merlin. The last episode was so heartbreaking !!! It crushed my heart to bits.

source: tumblr

Why did it have to end ??? Now what should I watch :/ Any suggestion ? Fantasy genre maybe ? Huhu. The funniest scene in series 5 for me would be Merlin disguised as Dolma, ancient sorceress of the Cauldron of Arianrhod. I laughed so much till I hurt my sides. Hahahaha [Ep 9]


My favourite quote would be :
A wise man is not cowed by knowledge, Merlin. Instead, he uses it to guide him. -Kilgharrah [Ep 1]

Favourite episode ? Don't have one. I love them all starting from series 1 to series 5 :D
The saddest scene for me would be in the last episode. I'm not gonna write about it. Since I don't want to spoil it for you. This episode doesn't air at TV3 and Diva yet right ? You guys just have to wait then. If you're impatient, just download it, like me ! Haha.

Hmm, when I'm ranting about Merlin on my blog, I just have to write in english. Do you mind ? I guess it's more comfortable for me since this is an english series. Anywayyyyy, I'll miss this series, a lot. Merlin gave me some insight into the Arthurian legends although it differs from the original version. So, that's all. Chow ! See you soon !

PS : Alhamdulillah, 9A PMR :)
PPS : Ignore my grammar mistakes. I'm not an expert XD

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