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What's going on ?!
Wednesday, 5 October 2011 | 4 comment(s)

So yeah, this post is basically 'bout what's on my mind .
  • Kerja kursus Geografi
  • Kerja kursus KHB
  • Nota Sejarah
  • Nota Geografi
  • STUDY 4 exam (20 Oct 11)

  • O yeah ! Ibuku pulang malam ini , ibuku bawakan hadiah, hadiah kecil dari KL , boleh ku buat kan mainan !
  • Makan kek cokelat (feveret beb)
  • Baca buku harry potter fan fiction (I'm such a potterhead)
  • Angry Birds !
  • HarryPotter, HarryPotter, HarryPotter, HarryPotter, HarryPotter, HarryPotter etc.

Nak ? buat sendirik, hehe

rumusan yg boleh dibuat ialah.... drpd to do list, aku kena work hard sikit
drpd what's on my mind, :3

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If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.
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